Top 10+ New Phone Quotes | Status and Captions with Images

If you consider your new phone to meet all of your needs, you will maintain it correctly and with 100% attention. Some people perceive it as a matter of status, which is where the difficulty lies. You buy it to make your status look better, but if someone else buys an advanced new one, then your joy will fly away! In this article, we will see some of the best New Mobile Phone Quotes. 

The Happiness of New Phone 

The pleasure will last just a few days or longer for those who consider their mobile as a blessing or something. However, happiness will not last indefinitely! As though a surge of dopamine and serotonin, called happiness and excitement, washes over you with each passing day. As time passes, you become less concerned with the smartphone and more concerned with something you will not have.

Fading Happiness 

 After several months, your “new” smartphone will become your “old” smartphone that you may intend to sell or give away to update to newer gadgets. The exciting thing is that when we give somebody our old phone, they will feel just as you felt for a time. 

One will not be fully glad, no matter how much money you waste on the ideal smartphone. So go out and purchase a nice phone. Also, avoid the desire to replace your phone. Especially if you’re trying to amaze your pals, if you are a typical person who wants to show off to your friends and family, you can try something different than spending thousands of money on new smartphones.

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Everyone gets happy when they get a new phone. It’s pretty common. But you have to keep in mind that you have to select the best phone according to your budget. Every day new phones come into the market. So, now let’s see some of the best New Phone Quotes.

New Phone Quotes

New Phone Quotes

Just got my new Phone.

Playing with a new phone camera.

Holding my new baby.

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New Phone Quotes

Let the selfies begin.

All have their own world in their phone.

New baby in the house.

Madly in love with my new phone.

New Phone Quotes

Waiting till my phone is charged again.

The perfect balance of beauty and technology.

New Phone Quotes
New Phone Quotes

My old Phone failed to pass the swimming test… So, I bought a new one.

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I am very happy because I got my new phone.

My phone battery can last longer than most relationships these days

So me and my phone are playing hide and seek. My phone is winning.

New Phone Quotes
New Phone Quotes

I bought it because I liked it.

The best is on the way.

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