Top 10 Fake Promise Quotes | Broken Promises Quotes

Breaking trust and promises is very common in today’s time. So today, we will see some of the best Fake Promise Quotes or Broken Promises Quotes.

A fake promise is a term we are well aware of. In this cunning world, we encounter many people who give us permanent pain by fabricating fake promises. A promise is an assurance bestowed on a person. When we promise somebody, we owe them for its accomplishment as we have substituted hope in their mind. Fake promise terms are very upsetting and devastating. We are homo sapiens; our emotional and brain capacities differentiate us from animals. None of us would want to be sad and disappointed. Everybody has encountered fake promises, and some of us have shattered the promises we gave to them. This is an occurrence in which a person has reasons or motives to give up or violate the vow.

Motive Behind the Fake Promise

1. Sometimes, many people intentionally want to hurt your strong emotions. They take advantage of you and quit the deals or swears that they were obliged to do. These kind people don’t care about your sentiments. They approach you to fulfill their motive and will leave you suffering. I don’t understand how someone can be so ruthless?

2. Many times, people have no other fair choice other than to betray you. Some situations are so dilemmatic that they have to choose to break promises. That would be better for both sides. They analyze that this short-term discomfort is way far better than longing suffering.

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3. Sometimes, fake promises are attached concerning any company or its products, a few companies use fake brand names to increase their sales; some of them also make fake promises relevant to their cheap products which do not have the assured efficiency is a type of betrayal with customers, etc.

4. Many institutions and schools also give false guarantees to unsuspecting people. They don’t have the guaranteed infrastructure; they lack basic organization that gives their students excellent knowledge.

5. With context to politicians, fake promises during election campaigns are very popular in India. Most of the uneducated politicians make fake promises to the gullible people for their benefit to win the elections.

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Consequences of a Fake Promise

Above given motives provide a spontaneous answer to this question. To elaborate, I would say intentional fake promises let people down. Their confidence and faith level decrease. This damage takes enormous time for recovery.
Unintentional fake promises are not harmful. People suffer less, and they understand that particular decision was somehow correct.
Fake promises made by companies and educational organizations give people lessons to be aware of fraud. It causes their economic loss.

Fake Promise Quotes

Fake Promise Quotes
Fake Promise Quotes

A clear rejection is better than a fake promise.

One lie can ruin a thousand truths.

Fake Promise Quotes
Fake Promise Quotes

Liars are said to make the best promises.

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Efforts are better than Promises.

Fake Promise Quotes

Liars make the best promises.

Pierce Brown

Our I love you’s were promises you found easy to break.

Broken Promises Quotes
Broken Promises Quotes

Oaths are just words and words are but wind.

People won’t purposely break promises if they really care about you.

Broken Promises Quotes
Broken Promises Quotes

Promise is made to be broken.

Don’t make promises you don’t intend to keep.

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